Wildlife of the British Isles (Original)

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Wildlife of the British Isles by Ian Bullock.

Framed Original Artwork.

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size format

70.3cm x 66cm Framed


Gouache and Watercolour


Original Artwork

Ian Bullock

Ian Bullock is a research biologist living in Wales, on the rugged western seaboard of Britain. His work has taken him to some of the most remote places in the world, seabird islands of the tropics, the High Arctic and to the last great wilderness, Antarctica.
Ever since he could reach above the skirting board, he has been drawing on walls, scraps of paper, envelopes and latterly, proper sketchbooks. His fascination with the natural world means that nothing makes him happier than gazing at wildlife with a pencil in his hand.
During his time on expedition voyages he noticed that fellow travelers were confused by the plethora of creatures in the average field guide. To simplify these, he took to producing simple sheets with the most common creatures on one page. These are his identification sheets. Latterly he has been commissioned to paint detailed portraits of some of the more charismatic birds. These are now available as high quality prints. Prompted by their popularity he has also made prints of selected pages from his sketchbook, drawn in the field from life.
His role as shipboard guide culminated in requests for painted expedition maps illustrating the wildlife of different destinations. These natural history charts cover regions like the British Isles, Iceland, Svalbard, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, Patagonia, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Shackleton expedition, and the Kimberley coast of Australia. For those who have travelled he will personalize the charts with their itinerary, dates and locations as a memento of their adventures.

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