Cuthbert faces

pencil drawing

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Thursday, 8th March 1984, Windmill, Biesjiesfontein.  Cuthy knows exactly how long to brew my Earl Grey tea bag for.  Winter is setting in.  08h00 Meerkats chased off from the drinking trough by the sheep (they are much more affected by the sheep than the buck).  Cuthbert is learning how to write with my pencils.  08h30 the meerkats are hyperactive (due to the cold?) – the youngsters standing on their hindlegs and fighting while the adults are busy digging and marking; sentinels taking flying leaps onto the bushes.  They are all fluffed out against the cold.  A sandgrouse covey arrives.  The buck seem much more at ease near the hide now.  Blackheaded Canary drinking at the holding tank.  Cuthbert removes the spoon from my finished rice crispies bowl to get at the milk – no doubt about his IQ.

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Dimensions42 × 29.5 cm

Fine Art Print, Original Artwork

Rob Davies

Rob studied art at school to A level and has kept the interest in painting going alongside a career in biology and conservation.  Although he prefers to sketch and paint from life in the field, Rob has been commissioned to do exact bird illustrations for various publications including journals, a monograph on the Black Eagle and a field guide to African birds of prey.

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