african raptors

The most comprehensive treatment of Africa’s amazing richness of Birds of Prey by renowned raptor ID Guru Bill Clark and conservationist / artist Dr Rob Davies.

Follow these links to purchase the book signed by the artist, or select artwork for the book as originals or signed limited edition prints.

The maps in this book are developed from an amazing citizen science project called the African Raptor Databank.  You can take part in the global development of this project to map your own sightings of birds of prey by downloading a free mobile app developed by habitat INFO for The Peregrine Fund.

Introducing the Global Raptor Impact Network (GRIN) App – YouTube

Anyone with an interest in African Raptors will want this book, but it will also appeal to anyone with an interest in beautiful books.. Paul Stancliffe, British Trust for Ornithology

The accurate distribution maps are one of the outstanding features of the book..  Malcolm Wilson